Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O) Certification Training In Gurgaon


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CAL-O Course Agenda

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Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations

Business leaders are now required to shift the way that they think about their organizational culture and employees and become change agents. In this module, participants will gain knowledge, skills, and techniques that will help them to work toward sustainable agility for their organizations. The goal of this module is to bring awareness to the practices and principles of agility and how they apply to business/organizational agility. Through case studies and various models, participants will gain insight into how agile will and can work for their teams and organization. The combination of this certification with Certified Agile Leadership Essentials now serves as the prerequisite for CAL II.


CAL-O Agenda

Importance of Leadership & Culture

  • Organizational Culture
  • Relation between Culture & Leadership
  • Agility & Value
  • Culture and Outcomes
  • Organizational Design & Effects

Organizational Design

  • Value Flow & Challenges
  • Organizational Structure
  • Governance Policies
  • Organizational Metrics
  • How to Assess the Culture

Organizational Change

  • Empirical Strategy
  • Effect on Individuals
  • Influence of Culture
  • Leading Change
  • Case Study
  • Design Your Organisation


  • Managers 
  • Executives
  • Organizational Decision Makers & Change Leaders
  • Coaches/Consultants
  • The Leader in You
  • C.E.O, V.P’S

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