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We believe success is the ultimate measure for the way of our Soft Skill Trainings.Driven by what best works for our clients, we passionately pursue innovation in our training methodologies that would lead our clients to achieve organizational goals.

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About Soft-Skills

  • EasyLearning Tre Learning Solutions modules which are specialized turn-key projects and  offer you the best of face-to-face technical and soft-skills education. Our Learning solutions (LS) programs have innovative training practices and provide complete knowledge transfer and are in tune with ISO 9000- 2008 quality standards.

    Our soft-skill training programs aim to elevate the employees into productivity powerhouses who can employ life skills to better their performances. We only handpick  those trainers who come with NLP, DISC and MBTI or other international certifications. So, the training that employees receive is truly high-end.


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Job Interview Skills

Interviewing a job begins with a good resume, but does not fly on its own to an offer letter unless those impressive credentials match the face and voice of its owner: you. When you give an interview you are not giving yourselves to them, instead it's the other way around: what can the company gain by giving you that job with a better pay package.An idea is as good as its presentation. In the corporate world selling ideas is what gets you that order, that client, that success. At our Chennai centre we ensure your presentation skills are honed too, to a presentable level, those nuances of presentation to keep your audience attentive with you all the way till thank you!

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Corporate Soft Skills Training

  • If your organization is concerned about optimum resources, development of skills of employees, increase productivity, building team spirit, organization culture, healthy work environment, health and safety, develop employee Morale, increase profitability, then our customized training programmes would open the gateway to your organizations happiness & success.
  • Our Team of trainers are from Corporates and Educational Institutions who carry over a decade of experience in Soft Skills Training for Corporates.
    ■ Effective Communication
    ■ Presentation Skills
    ■ Interview Skills
    ■ Leadership Skills
    ■ Team Building
    ■ Campus to Corporate
    ■ Motivation
    ■ Negotiation
    ■ Business Etiquette


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Training Modules

  • Ethics & Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Styles
  • Advanced Presentation Skill
  • Managing Results
  • Strategic Planning and Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • Influencing and Networking
  • Mentoring, Coaching & Feedback
  • Change Management
  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • Work Life Effectiveness
  • Articulation of Organisation mission , vision & goals
  • Power Talk – Advanced Presentation Skill
  • Self & Team Motivation
  • Creative Thinking
  • Goal Setting- Management by Objectives
  • Manager to leader Program
  • Leadership -Self & Team Development
  • Stakeholder Management


Soft Skills Training Course Syllabus:

Communication Skills - Verbal, Written, Listening, Body Language, Visual Language, Public Speaking, neutral accent
Presentation Skills - Effective speaking, step to successful presentation, Know your audience, Prepare the presentation material, prepare self, handling questions
Inter-personal Skills - self-assertiveness, turning into others, emphatic communication, managing conflicts, creating win-win situations, issues and challenges
Leadership Skills: team building and leadership, common leadership mistakes, identify your individual leadership style, managing change etc
Team ManagementImproving team effectiveness, team dynamics, activities, developing , coaching, motivating, etc
Negotiation Skills - Customer service skills, professional selling, selling to major accounts, managing sales force, customer orientation, handling difficult customers etc
Positive Attitude - understand the power of mind and use it to its best advantage, recognize negativity in and around, how to change negative mind set etc
Business Etiquette - Expected behaviors within a place of business, treating coworkers and employer etc
Interview Skills - Behavior, Ability to answer questions, asking the right questions, using SAR (search and research) stories, employer interviewing skills
Time Management: Barriers to time management, principles of time management, self-management, organizing your day, planning in advance etc
Stress Management: Common causes of stress, symptoms of excess stress, identifying pressure, how communication helps distress, link between good communication and decreased stress etc
Customer Care: Tone and pace of interaction, care phrases, listening skills, empathy etc