Is The Scrum Master(CSM) Certification Worth It?

Being new to Scrum, you have browsed enough about Certified Scrum Master (CSM) from the Scrum Alliance website. But do you know if the CSM certification is the right choice for you? Let us help you understand the value of this certification. Firstly, why do you even need a certification? We need it to enhance our resume by having an additional skill set. Secondly, why CSM? Because this certification will provide a baseline knowledge of the Scrum process and fundamental aspects of the Scrum framework. Scrum is a leading Agile technology used by many companies around the world to tackle complex projects. Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland developed the Scrum and the Scrum guide. The Scrum is not a technique or a process but a lightweight and simple framework to address complex problems of a project and creatively delivering a high value product. There are various components within a Scrum framework like the Scrum Team and its associated roles and responsibilities. The Scrum team consists of:-

1. The Product Owner

The major responsibility of the Product Owner is to maximise the value of the product and work of the development team. Additional duties include managing the Product Catalogue.

2. The Development Team

The development team consists of self-organising professionals which turn Product Catalogue into a Product increment at the end of each Sprint.

3. The Scrum Master

The Scrum Masters make sure that the Scrum team is abiding by the Scrum Theory and its rules.

And this is where our CSM certification comes into picture. A Certified Scrum Master helps the project teams understand the Scrum and properly use its functionalities. CSM help the Scrum Team to work together and learn about Scrum’s values, practices and applications. Today, the Agile Software Development methodology is taking the world by storm and this certification sets you apart and makes you more noticeable. From a knowledge acquiring perspective, the basic Scrum training is sufficient but if you intend to play a role of Scrum Master then CSM certification will definitely validate you. You need to pursue a CSM course from a Certified Scrum trainer (CST), learn all about Scrum, attend a CSM course conducted by Scrum Alliance Authorised Trainer, complete the course and take up an online CMS test. After you successfully pass the CSM exam, you will get your License Agreement.

Benefits of Scrum Master Certification

1. Obtaining core knowledge of Scrum

Even if you don’t know much about Scrum, the CSM certification will definitely help you build a solid base of Scrum knowledge and understand the concepts of Scrum framework.

2. Adopting Agile mindset

Scrum being an Agile methodology, training and certifications will help people in your team embrace the Agile practices. And having a consistent Agile mindset in a team will lead to lesser disagreements, better team collaboration and ultimately delivering successful projects.

3. Staying marketable
All industries adopting Agile practices will have excellent career opportunities for candidates with Scrum certification. This certification will prove that you have an Agile mindset and core knowledge of Agile practices.

4. A Plus for your organisation

If there are skilled and proven Agile professionals in an organisation, the management might benefit from it by adopting Agile methodology as it will effectively influence all the aspects of business like people and processes.

5. Exposure to Scrum Experts

Being a certified Scrum Master, you can join a community of recognised Scrum experts, practitioners and trainers. This global network will give you exposure to deepen your Scrum knowledge, acquire guidance whenever necessary and also enable you to provide solutions to others problems.

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