5 Key Areas Where You Can Improve With Leading SAFe 4.5

Leading SAFe 4.5 enables any size organization to achieve the benefits of Lean and Agile both, across all the processes. The recently released SAFe 4.5 is the outcome of strategic researches conducted in accordance with hundreds of feedbacks from the worldwide SAFe community and the advances made in SAFe framework. Most of the leading organizations have switched to Leading SAFe 4.5 implementations to achieve the sustainable growth rate by maximizing the collective performance at each level because it has following improvements-

Innovation with Lean startup cycle & UX technology
Continuous delivery pipeline
Scalable DevOps
New roadmap for strategy implementation
Easy to use
Leading Safe 4.5: Yes, It Is For You:
After the huge success of SAFe, the wider scope of Leading SAFe 4.5 makes it widely acceptable in more industries in almost all the business sectors. Leading SAFe 4.5 certification is a globally recognized expertise much needed by the following individuals to boost up their task performance and career prospects:

Directors, CIOs, VPs, Executives, Leaders & Managers,
Development, QA & Infrastructure Management Professionals
Program & Project Managers
Product & Product Line Managers
Portfolio Managers and Process Leads Managers
System & Solution Architects …… and others associated with project management & execution
Leading Safe 4.5 certification makes you more efficient to:

Work as an Agile team member on Agile Release Train
Plan & execute iterations
To demo values
Improve training processes
Plan program increments
Join other teams working on the Agile projects

  1. Key Areas to Improve With Leading Safe 4.5: 
    Every Leading SAFe 4.5 practitioner wants to experience the benefits of implementing the gained skills at the earliest. The Leading SAFe 4.5 program is designed to help the SAFe practitioners further to perform with unbeatable competence; so, it helps them to prove their credibility in more areas. Leading SAFe 4.5 framework provides you enough guidance to understand and meet out the desired parameters of your products / services. It has four configurations - Full SAFe; Portfolio SAFe; Large Solution SAFe; Essential SAFe. The available four configurations allow you to choose the best suitable configuration in line with the particular requirements. The top five areas, where Leading SAFe 4.5 certification helps the ambitious   professionals, are:  

    1. Quality 
    Leading SAFe 4.5 certification helps to improve the capability to innovate. Delivering the best-in-class quality in the shortest period becomes easier with strategic implementation of SAFe 4.5. Built-in quality practices of Leading SAFe 4.5 helps improve customer satisfaction through predictable and faster delivery. For example, a report released by Telstra states that Leading SAFe 4.5 helped to achieve 95% decrease in defects. 

    2. Productivity 
    The profitability increases with productivity improvement. For the result oriented team members, quality productivity is a personal need. Everyone feels confident by contributing more to organization’s growth. For example, BMC Corporation admitted that Leading SAFe 4.5 implementation improved team’s productivity by 20–50%.

    3. Employee Engagement 
    A report released by the Society of SHRM (Human Resource Management) states that the highly committed employees perform 21% better; and, these are 65% less likely to switch over the jobs in other organizations. Employee engagement is a critical factor for business performance. According to John Deere’s report, “SAFe helped them improve employee engagement by 9.8%”. 

    4. Prompt Value Delivery to Market 
    Lean-Agile methodologies are being used for over the years to deliver better values to target markets. Lean-Agile businesses get early bird advantages in form of better profits and brand reputation. SAFe organizations admit 30 –75 % improvement in delivery time.

    5. Program Execution 
    Program execution is a core value of SAFe. Leading SAFe 4.5 certification helps to improve the performances of R&D or IT projects. SAFe 4.5 skill makes the professionals respected and trusted partners of businesses; it means, you get better chances to grow faster within organizations, besides helping other team members to perform better and get better.

    Leading SAFe 4.5 framework helps you deliver ‘quality solutions’ faster with reduced efforts. Quality needs to be produced at process stages; and, Leading SAFe 4.5 certification helps you do this with better vision and confidence.   

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