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Product owner with the help of Scrum Master and development team brings the success to any desired product vision or services to perfection. Product owner primarily modulates in delivering products and services in time. Designing of the most valuable products, ensuring the priorities & productivity for organisation is a chief role as a product owner. Being in an exceptional and accountable spot, Product Owner manages Product Backlog and analyse its progress for best possible outcome of the product.

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By earning a Certified Scrum Product Owner® certification you:

  • Learn the foundation of Scrum and the scope of the Certified Scrum Product Owner’s role from the best minds in Scrum.
  • Demonstrate to employers and peers your attainment of core Scrum knowledge.
  • Expand your career opportunities by staying relevant and marketable across all industry sectors adopting Agile practices.
As a CSPO, you will be able to fulfill the role of Product Owner on a Scrum team. You will also gain access to local user groups, online social networks, and other exclusive resources for CSPOs. In addition, CSPOs receive a profile page on the Scrum Alliance website and will have access to a specially designed logo to highlight their credentials.
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Scrum is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products. This definition consists of Scrum’s roles, events, artifacts and the rules that bind them together. Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland developed Scrum. Scrum makes clear the relative efficacy of your product management and development practices so that you can improve. The Scrum framework consists of Scrum Teams and their associated roles, events, artifacts and rules. Each component within the framework serves a specific purpose and is essential to Scrum’s success and usage.

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The first step toward your CSPO is familiarizing yourself with Scrum. Then attend a two-day CSPO course taught by a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer). This course will help you understand how Scrum works by focusing on your role as the Product Owner, or customer, for a Scrum team. Topics that are covered include managing stakeholders, ROI, backlog grooming, creating effective user stories, acceptance criteria for user stories, and defining “Done."


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Who can attened

  • Product owners
  • Product management
  • Business analysts
  • Scrum Masters
  • Executive management
  • Stakeholders
  • Business Managers



The role of a product owner is massive on the accomplishment of the prearranged product or services. If a product owner fails in channelizing the above roles and responsibility, the feat of the projects is negatively exaggerated. It is obligatory for any product owner to recognize the process in which the roles, errands for the success of the project. EasyLearning Tre provides a unique, interceptive, exceptional Certified Scrum Product Owner Training Course / Workshop. This will not only guide but also help in easy insights of the processes in depth. CSPO training offers a practical understanding of the Scrum processes. This will not only enhance the knowledge and skills for application of Scrum in projects but also in business too. With product owner training, you’ll engage in the process on responding to dissimilarities of work conditions by rearrangement of the exaggerated task backlog. This CSPO training, directs in effectively classify and withdraw unproductive schemes in initial time frame. Our Product Owner training equips in recognising the role to achieve triumph with the Agile practices of Scrum.


25000 INR (AI) Includes exam fee and Certification cost