why you should do CSM training today

Behind every successful Agile project is a hardworking team, and behind every hardworking team is a talented Scrum Master who ensures that Scrum processes are being followed to maximize benefits.

alignleftFollowing Scrum best practices requires a thorough understanding of its concepts and values that can be achieved through credentials such as the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)—a course that equips professionals with skills that go well beyond project management and allows them to usher in the Agile mind-set in the organization. Here’s our take on why it’s worth pursuing the CSM training:

  1. Scrum is the future—With most projects being implemented in Scrum, there is really no doubt about this.
  2. Learn to identify projects that will do best with Scrum—Some projects that require repetitive tasks do better with Waterfall and identifying the methodology to use is paramount.
  3. Working knowledge of all the Scrum artefacts— CSM covers the product backlog, burn down charts, sprint backlog etc which are the pillars of a Scrum project.
  4. Scrum Meetings and cycles—CSM helps you answer the question of “what will we do in the project” by explaining the structure of meetings and sprint cycles.
  5. Helps you become a facilitator between team and client—This all important role helps set the mandate for the project and simplify requirements.
  6. Support the product owner—An able ScrumMaster supports the Product Owner and acts as a consultant smoothening roads and streamlining processes
  7. Make cross functional teams work— Bring about a marriage between the business side and the IT side and help transform the organization to use cross-component teams
  8. Facilitate organizational change— Agile is not just about processes but it’s about the entire organizational culture that needs to be progressive and open to change. The CSM helps you achieve that mind-set.
  9. Learn about being a practical ScrumMaster—Hands on practice sessions will make you ready to face challenges head on.
  10. Become part of the Scrum organization— By gaining access to the Scrum Alliance you will have vast resources at your disposal including advice from other seasoned ScrumMasters.
  11. Watch your career soar—Widely recognized as a comprehensive test of a professional’s Scrum capabilities, this credential will pave the way for a glittering Agile career.

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